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Dental Services

At Dental Werks, we provide general dental treatment ranging from routine cleaning to cosmetic procedures and dental surgery. Services also include tooth coloured fillings, root canal treatment, crowns and bridges, removal of wisdom teeth and cosmetic procedures.

At Dental Werks’ clinics, we also provide specialists oral surgery care to patients’ who need dental implants or maxillofacial surgery. This is accomplished through a very selective clinic partnership and referral network with other specialists’ clinics.

If this is your first visit to Dental Werks, please feel free to set up a consultation with our dental surgeons to discuss your specific treatment needs.

With modern equipment at our disposal and professional expertise, our dental surgeons can offer customised dental solutions that best suit your exact requirements.

Preventive care is our main aim as we firmly believe that good oral care all the time may prevent major problems from developing. Teeth, especially the gums, are prone to infection due to the food particles that remain in our mouth. Over time this plaque may cause cavities and gum disease. When you fix a check up with us once every six months, we will examine you for any developing problems and institute the appropriate treatment and advice to help you take better care of your mouth. This leads to better oral health and fewer dental problems.

Our customized cleaning programs take care of any problems that are just waiting to happen. Apart from a comprehensive examination, we take care of all other dental procedures that may be required to set things right.

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