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Crown & Bridge Work

If you have broken, chipped or decayed teeth, there’s no need for anxiety as there’s hope now. Placing a dental crown over them will allow them to blend in easily with the rest of your teeth.

At Dental Werks, we evaluate your current situation precisely and then place a dental crown over teeth, thus improving the appearance of your smile as also the health of your gums and jaw.


Crown - Bridge Work


A dental bridge is ideal for closing the gap or unsightly appearance of two or more teeth in a row as it literally bridges the gap between them.

Before we set about measuring you up for a crown or bridge work, we fix the underlying problem so that it does not return. Next we make sure that your bite is normal while repairing cosmetic damage caused by the decay. The crown that is used is selected carefully keeping the shade of your teeth in mind to make your smile seamless.

You can choose your own crown from the metallic and the ceramic ones. Ceramic crowns are the color of your teeth and even allow light to pass through them so that they look like natural teeth do. We can achieve a realistic look with crowns and implants so that they gel well with the rest of the teeth.

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