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At Dental Werks, we provide our patients with mainly tooth coloured fillings to match the high expectations of today’s well informed and discerning patient. Fillings may be required for both carious (caused by decay) and non-carious cavities (caused by erosion, attrition and abrasion).

We also provide aesthetic outcomes for teeth that may require special attention, especially in teeth that are very visible and are not of one shade. We have tinting solutions for everyone.

We will also still provide amalgam fillings if a patient specifically requests for it. With dentally anxious patients, the doctor will numb the tooth area using anesthesia. Next the decayed area will be removed completely. The doctor will prepare the area to be filled by cleaning out the debris. The filling used will be packed in and sealed off.

Tooth coloured filling need to be applied in layers using a special kind of light to harden it. Excess material is trimmed off and the surface of the filling is polished for a smooth feel. The doctor will check your bite after the filling is in place.

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