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Pediatric Dentistry (Children’s Dentistry)

Paediatric dentistry is dental care provided to children aged between 1 and 17 years. Focusing primarily on prevention of oral problems or in intercepting potential issues as early as possible and before they have a chance to cause serious damage, we at Dental Werks can help you navigate your Child’s dental health when you bring them in for yearly screenings. By encompassing early detection and timely dental knowledge for new parents, we can help prevent tooth loss at an early age so that the remaining teeth are able to develop as they should.

We can look after your child from the eruption of their first incisors, straight through until the point that they are receiving their full compliment of permanent teeth. Teaching them the correct oral hygiene habits early will in turn serve them well through out their life.

Our experienced dentists are trained to spot early problems such as teeth misalignment, missing or extra teeth and disturbances in enamel(Amelogenesis) or dentine(Dentinogenesis) formation. Our trained clinicians can then help advice on how each problem can be dealt with in an efficient and timely way so that the milk teeth remain in the best condition possible and to ensure that when the permanent teeth erupt, they do so in an organised and orderly fashion.

Our Dentists practice good chair-side manner with all children and even smaller kids feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair. We endeavour to make your child’s first visit as friendly as possible. Our dental team will also help educate by giving tips on the ‘right way to brush teeth’ for children and the importance of oral health is also explained to them in easy to digest dental language for kids. We can provide your child a healthy smile to be proud of.

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